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Equinox NG

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Equinox NG Equinox NG Equinox NG

EQUINOX™ Next Generation (NG) is the flagship Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) system from Allen-Vanguard. The highly agile and flexible technical architecture has been developed around the leading global standards for Electronic Warfare (EW) hardware. This technical adaptability is coupled to a highly flexible and scalable physical format which allows the EQUINOX™
NG to be easily configured for a wide range of scenarios. From armoured vehicles in operational theatres to VIP convoys or vulnerable fixed site locations the system can be integrated with relative ease.


Accompanying this agile, hybrid system is Allen-Vanguard’s world renowned Threat Management Team and global Customer Service Support ensuring that such a critical capability continuous to deliver true effectiveness to its users anywhere in the world.



Any Role • Any Mission • Assured Protection


  • Communications
  • Drones | UAV | Counter UAV
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Police | Security services | Counter terrorism




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We work with Cyber Quarter, the Midlands Centre for Cyber Security/Univ of Wolverhampton, to ensure that our systems are safe, secure and robust. We are pleased to be rated in the top 10% of organisations for cyber security in the Aerospace and Defence & Security Industry. 

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Our Security and IT experts advise that it is best not to respond to such emails as by doing so, you may be unwittingly verifying your own email address. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact Anna Roby-Welford, Director, SDSC-UK